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Transport policy of Emin

PURPOSE: Make a difference in interest and support for customers when shopping website Emin system, we will DELIVER FREE IN NATIONWIDE.

Transport policy of EMIN


 - Making a difference and supporting when you buy on website  of Emin system, we will DELIVER FREE IN NATIONWIDE.


- Subject: Customers who bought products in Emin.

- Area: National Vietnam

- Effective Period: From 11/07/2013



- Free shipping policy applies to all products which are purchased by customers in Emin which have price sale is more than 500.000 VND and charge weight less than 2 kg. 

- To apply this policy customer should prepay 100% of the value of the order.

2. Delivery time

Emin will make deliveries:

- Within 24 hours if the place of delivery ≤ 20 km from the headquarters of Emin.

- Within 2 -> 3 days if the delivery location within 50 kilometers from the headquarters of Emin.

- Within 3 -> 5 days if delivery location is within 100 kilometers from the headquarters of Emin.

- Within 5 -> 7 days if delivery location is within 200 kilometers from the headquarters of Emin.

- After 7 -> 10 days if delivery location  is 200 km or more from the headquarters of Emin.

- Before shipping, logistics department will contact customers to confirm the time and place of delivery specified.

- Delivery time: All days of the week.

3. Other conditions

- This program applies only to products purchased on the website system of Emin.

- Emin is only delivered to the right people get the customers signed up when buying. In the course of delivery if the recipient changes unclearly, Emin may refuse delivery and ask our customers to receive goods at the place of Emin.

- For the case of free transport of 100 km or more, to remove these restrictions arise unexpectedly, such as the delivery address is incorrect, or when goods are transferred to recipients but no, Emin ask customer  household registration books of peoples identity cards and providing telephone numbers for sales consultants in the process of purchase transactions in Emin.

- In some cases delivery address is not clear, in the corner, or in dangerous places, dangerous hills, traffic means difficult, Emin reserves the right to refuse transport, communication direct delivery.

- For each item within the policy Emin only 01 times free shipping.

- In cases of force majeure, natural disasters, flooding, damaged bridges and ferries 

Emin is not responsible for damages caused by improper delivery time or shipping goods to places like agreed with the customer.

- In case of Emin has delivered to the location as agreed upon at purchase, but for some reason the customer requires it then returns the customer must pay the cost of transportation under tariff provisions company.

- For heavy and bulky products that be transported to the floor without elevator request customer support for delivery.

- Cost of road, or charge fees in rural communes in the apartment parking by customers to pay.

- Means of transport (cars, motorcycles or other vehicles) and coordinated by Emin own decisions.

- In the special day or festival day by the common transport policy is restricted (forbidden line for some means of ...) delivery time may be changed, Emin will call customers to agree to best time of delivery.



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