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Tell you the Top 3 Bosch wall drills that are being used the most today

In the current drilling machine market, it is impossible not to mention the outstanding reputation of the Bosch brand wall drilling machine line. Highly appreciated for its stability and outstanding efficiency during operation, Bosch wall drilling machines constantly conquer the trust of consumers.

Drilling machine BOSCH GBM 6 RE (350W)

Bosch GBM 6 RE drill with compact design and light weight brings maximum convenience to users during use, avoiding entanglement or hand fatigue. The switch buttons are placed in a reasonable position, helping to control the machine smoothly and quickly. The strength of the machine is its operating capacity of up to 350W, no-load speed of up to 4000 rpm, helping the drill to easily pass the wall surface. Thanks to that, the Bosch rotary drill is capable of performing drilling tasks on walls quickly and ensuring durability during operation.

Not only stopping at drilling on walls, this product is also capable of drilling on other materials such as wood up to 15mm thick, steel and aluminum 6mm in a flexible way. Bosch GBM 6 RE drill is not just a tool common but also a powerful assistant, meeting high efficiency for all tasks that need to be performed.


Capacity: 350W

Steel drill: 6.5 mm

Aluminum drill: 6 mm

Wood drilling: 15mm

No-load speed: 0-4,000 rpm

Weight: 1.1kg

BOSCH GBM 13 RE metal drilling machine

Bosch GBM 13 RE is considered one of the most powerful electric drills today, ensuring the ability to operate accurately and effectively on many different types of materials, thereby meeting the need for speed adjustment. . With modern design, compact handle helps users easily operate without difficulty. The outer shell is made from insulating plastic, enhancing safety during use.

With a capacity of 600W and a no-load speed of up to 2600 rpm, Bosch GBM 13 RE is capable of drilling on aluminum up to 13mm thick, wood up to 30mm thick, and steel up to 13mm thick. The machine is also designed with high durability, the machine head is meticulously machined to easily install different drill bits. With these outstanding advantages, the Bosch GBM 13 RE drill is the ideal choice to meet all needs in necessary drilling tasks.


Capacity: 600W

Function :

• Wood drilling

• Metal drilling

Function details:

Steel drill: 13 mm

Aluminum drill: 13mm

Wood drilling: 30 mm

No-load speed (rpm): 2600

Weight (kg): 1.7


An option not to be missed in the list of notable Bosch rotary drills is the Bosch GBM 32-4. This is a popular hand drill device, outstanding with its ability to operate more powerfully than other products of the same type. With an outstanding capacity of up to 1500W, Bosch GBM 32-4 provides the ability to drill quickly and accurately on a variety of materials, from metal, steel to plastic and many other materials.

The Bosch GBM 32-4 machine has a compact size, is delicately designed with a convenient handle, minimizing hand fatigue during work. This is truly a useful and suitable tool for professional mechanics, ensuring convenience and efficiency in all drilling tasks.


Capacity: 1,500W

No-load speed: 210 / 330 / 470 / 740 rpm

Taper chuck: MT3

Aluminum drill: 50mm

Wood drilling: 70mm

Steel drill: 32mm

Weight (excluding plug): 7.3kg

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