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Minelab gold detector - The guiding gadget for every quest

The guiding gadget for every quest

From the story of traditional mining practice…

It is told that only the experienced gold miners are capable of mapping the hidden treasures lying underneath the earth crust. Mr. Truong Van Luong (Huu Minh Co.), frankly shares: “What a harsh job! Up in the mountain, hitting the laterite is much more blessing than the ore bed”. The gold ore is concentrated in heep so it’s easier for miners to dig. However, the same site, but some are welcomed by the god of fortune, while the others return home with empty pockets. According to his experience, the color of the rock, vegetation, the river’s flow can tell the miners whether there was raw gold.

To live with the sword and die with the sword, digging mine, if lucky the fortune will shine or you’ll be disappointed at the same time. Most of the experienced miners directly probe the site. Information such as: gold concentration, location, the geographical details, … are carefully noted, then sold to owners, or call for partnership. Mr. Chuong (Nam Mai Co.): “There aren’t any kind of training institute available for engineers in term of gold detecting in Vietnam. Most of the coordinates used by current mining enterprises are previously probed by or in co-operation with gold miners. Earlier, shovels chisels are major tools, but now miners are equipped with industrial machines such as generator, crusher, with pully systems to bring the exploited ore to the surface.

Working in a harsh environment affects the miners’ appearance. They joke themselves via this quote: “Fortune comes at any time”. Though the journey of digging into the ground helps to enrich the miners’ experience, miners themselves admit fortune is largely determined by … fate. There are miners spending years searching for gold but actuall result is rather disappointing, while the amateur take days to change their lives. According to experienced miners, every quest can be paid by their own lives. Digging deep into the mine puts miners under the risk of being collapsed. General errors are broken bones, tissue damage, but the worst is death.

…To the tale of gold detector – indispensable gadget for every quest

When talking about digging precious metals out of the earth crust, the first thing popping up in everyone’s mind is the indispensable gadget known as “the metal detector”. This is a specialized equipment generally known for probing the searching metal pieces underground. However, the equipment has found its application in various industry sectors. Even though metals are the dominant target of this device; gold is also special metal that’s not only beneficial cosmetically but also aesthetically. Therefore, an arisen question is that can these metal detectors be capable of searching for gold? The answer is undeniably yes, but its capability is no match against specialized gold detector. The reason is because gold is often located in areas with relatively high mineral and mountainous. There, conventional metal detector will suffer from magnetic interference, resulting in errors when probing. Different from it, specialized gold detector is engineered with sophisticated technologies, allowing it to cope with different crust structures, multi terrains with extremely high sensitivity. Therefore, gold detectors can easily dig out gold pieces in areas where metal detectors would likely be turned into a metal piece due to magnetic interference.

 Structure and working principle of gold detector

Generally speaking, gold detector has similar structure to that of metal detector:

1 Transmitting coil:  Generating signal to search for hidden treasure underneath the crust.

2 Receiving coil: Receiving signal sent from the metal piece and signaling its user.

Both metal and gold detector base on the principle of probing conductor. Metal detector employs 2 coils namely transmitting coil and receiving coil. A magnetic field will be generated by the transmitting coil. When probing on an area where conductors exist. Here, the conductors are placed in such way the field cuts though it. Then, an induced current will be generated in the conductor, which generates a magnetic field. The receiving coil detects the induced magnetic field and signals user via headphone or a meter. However, while metal detectors are only capable of detecting conductor underground, gold detectors have the ability to differentiate between good conductor (gold, silver, bronze, …) and poor conductor (iron, lead, …).

Gold detector’s Multi-period sensing (MPS) technology

Multi-period sensing (MPS) technology (also known as Pulse Induction technology) was developed in 1994 by physicist Bruce Candy.  P.I system involves the use of a single coil to transmit and to receive a magnetic pulse or they may have two or even three coils working together. This technology sends powerful, short bursts (pulses) of current through a coil of wire. A typical PI-based metal detector sends about 100 pulses per second. The system then signals user via headphone.

1. Pulses of Electrical Current in the Coil produce Pulses of Magnetic Field

2. The Pulses of Magnetic Field Induces Currents in the Metal Particle

3. The Currents in the Metal Particle Transmit their own Magnetic Field which induces a signal in the Coil of the Detector. However, the Ground also Transmits a Magnetic Field

4. The Control Box detects the signal induced in the Coil. It separates the signal of the ground from the signal of the Metal Particle. This stops signals from the ground giving a false alarm.

The Specialized Gold-Detecting Instrument - A True Gold Digger 

Proud to be the leading enterprise in importing and distributing measuring instruments in Vietnam. Emin SCJ Co. is happy to bring to our customers brand new product - GPZ7000- a specialized gold detector directly imported from Minelab, Australia. GPZ7000 is currently the best gold detector available from Minelab. The instrument is capable of detecting gold with the highest sensitivity when it comes to raw gold pieces. The instrument is also upgraded with lots of new features, including wireless audio system, integrated GPS and waterproof. GPZ7000 promises to provide users with efficiency and accuracy beyond expectation, helps to tremendously save time both for the amateur and the experienced.

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