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What industries will the gas detectors be used in?

Find how to choose gas detectors arcording to the industrial application..

What industries will the product be used in?

1. Gas Station, Spray Painting, Casting, Steel, LPG station, Coal chemical, Restaurant: Combustible Gas(LEL)

2. Underground Parking: Carbon Monoxide(CO)

3. Metallurgy, Biopharmaceuticals, Power: Hydrogen(H2)

4. Refrigeration, Frozen Foods, Toy Industry: Liquid Ammonia, Ammonia(NH3)

5. Poultry, Farming Industry: Ammonia(NH3), Oxygen(O2)

6. Sewage Treatment, Garbage Treatment,Sludge Treatment: Ammonia(NH3), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S),Oxygen(O2), Combustible Gas(LEL),Odor

7. Power Plant: Hydrogen(H2), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)

8. Tunnel, Municipal, Mine field, Pipe Wells operation, Telecom, Power, Construction: Oxygen(O2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Combustible, Gas(LEL)

9. Metallurgy, Thermal Power Plant Industry: Oxygen(O2), Carbon Monoxide(CO)

10. Chemical Industry: Oxygen(O2), Combustible Gas(LEL), Hydrogen(H2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Hydrogen Arsenid (AsH3), Hydrogen Fluoride(HF)

11. Petroleum: Combustible Gas(LEL), Chlorine(CL2), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Carbon Monoxide(CO)

12. Water Treatment: Chlorine(CL2), Chlorine Dioxide(CLO2)

13. Agricultural: Carbon Monoxide(CO), Hydrogen(H2), Carbon Dioxide(CO2)

14. Fumigation, Granary, Deinsectization, Insecticide: Phosphine(PH3), Bromomethane(CH3Br)

15. Air quality Control, Hospital, Heating and Ventilation: Carbon Dioxide(CO2)

16. Hospital, Medical Treatment, Medical Disinfection: Ethylene Oxide(C2H4O), Oxygen(O2), Hydrogen(H2), Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)

17. Military Enterprises - high voltage substations, Power Station: Sulfur Hexafluoride(SF6), Oxygen(O2)

18. Laboratory: Methane(CH4), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Oxygen(O2), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Ozone(O3), Ammonia(NH3), Hydrogen(H2)

19. Indoor Disinfection, Foods Factory, Cleaning Area, CDC (The Centers for Disease Control): Ozone(O3) 

20. Ozone Generator: Ozone(O3), Oxygen(O2) 

21. Cement Plant: Ammonia(NH3), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), SO2

22. Waste Water, Waste Gas, Environmental Protection: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Ammonia(NH3)

23. Environmental Protection, Exhaust Emission, Flue Gas Treatment: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Hydrogen Cyanide(HCN), Ammonia(NH3), Carbon Monoxide(CO) 

24. Desulfurization, Energy, Oil and Gas Recovery: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Oxygen(O2), Carbon Monoxide(CO)

25. Aluminum, Rubber tire Industry: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Ammonia(NH3)

26. Mine field, Oilfield Oil Recovery, Petroleum Industry: Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Phosphine(PH3), Carbon Disulfide(CS2)

27. Environmental Protection Wall Material, Indoor Decoration, Pharmaceutical Factory Disinfection, Health Supervision, Spray Paint Room, Furniture Controls: Formaldehyde(HCHO), VOC 

28. Gas Production Enterprises, Pharmaceutical Factory: Ozone(O3), Oxygen(O2), Ammonia(NH3)

29. Mobile Phone Factory, Battery factory, Circuit Board factory: Oxygen(O2), Nitrogen(N2)

30. Alloy Industry, Flue Gas, Exhaust Gas: Oxygen(O2), Nitrogen Oxides(NOx), Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2)

31. Environment protection: Carbon Monoxide(CO), Ozone(O3), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2), PM2.5, PM10, VOCs

****Besides, depending on actual conditions, more suitable gases will be selected****

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