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In any fire situation, choosing fire prevention materials plays an important role in protecting the home and family. In this article EMIN will guide you through smart and practical material choices that enhance fire resistance and minimize the risk of damaging fires. From creative suggestions to safety standards, you'll find solutions that suit your family and property, providing peace of mind in any emergency situation.

Some effective fire and explosion prevention measures

For businesses and factories

Business establishments and factories play an indispensable role in each company's business operations. But in the unfortunate case of a fire or explosion, the damage can be huge, causing disruption not only in the production process but also leading to the shutdown of the business. Therefore, implementing fire and explosion prevention measures at these locations is extremely important.

Use of Fire-Retardant and Non-Flammable Materials:

Replacing conventional materials with fire-resistant and fire-resistant varieties in manufacturing spaces is an important measure. This creates a more difficult to burn environment, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

Locating High Risk Areas:

Understand areas with high risk of fire and explosion, thereby taking measures to prevent and extinguish fires promptly when a fire occurs. This requires sophistication and standards in keeping flammable materials out of high-risk areas.

Arranging and Segregating Flammable Materials:

Create an isolation between flammable substances and sources of heat or fire, especially machinery, heat burners, or equipment capable of generating high temperatures.

Smart Construction Planning:

Building structures with reasonable planning helps control and limit the spread of fire in case of a fire incident.

Using Fireproof Doors and Fireproof Rolling Doors:

Install fireproof doors and fireproof rolling doors at necessary points such as factories and emergency exits.

Fire Alarm and Automatic Fire Extinguishing System:

Ensure that the fire alarm system, automatic fire alarm equipment and automatic fire extinguishing system operate well and are regularly maintained. The above measures help businesses and factories create a safe working environment. safer, while minimizing the risk of fire and property damage.

For schools and educational establishments:

According to research, fires often originate from areas outside of classrooms in schools. Causes often include overloaded electrical systems, accumulation of flammable fuel, high oxygen levels or lack of protection. To ensure maximum safety in educational facilities, below are some specific measures:

Maintain Exits and Exit Signs:

Maintaining safe exits and ensuring that exit signs are in place is important, especially for schools with multiple floors and elevator systems. This allows students and staff to exit quickly in the event of an emergency.

Storing Fire Extinguishers While Managing Hazardous Materials:

Fire extinguishers should be placed in easily accessible locations and properly stored. They and school staff should be trained to use fire extinguishers effectively in case of need.

Hazardous materials and flammable chemical compounds should be properly stored and managed inside the building or school grounds. This includes compliance with safety regulations and regular inspections to ensure safety.

Fire Alarm System and Fire Protection Equipment:

Install and maintain an effective fire alarm system to detect and warn of fire and explosion hazards. This system needs to be checked periodically to ensure proper operation.

Ensure that schools are fully equipped with fire safety equipment and check them regularly to ensure their operation. Equipment includes fire extinguishers, first aid equipment and fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Prevention Training:

Organize periodic training sessions on fire prevention knowledge and provide training on how to use fire fighting equipment and handle fire incidents for pupils, students, staff and teachers. This helps raise awareness and prepare people for emergencies.

These measures ensure that schools are equipped and ready to face the risk of fire and explosion, while ensuring the safety of students and staff.

For family:

To ensure fire safety at home, you can apply the following suggestions:

Avoid Near Fire and Flammable Objects: Make sure that no flammable utensils or goods are placed near fire or cooking areas. At the same time, you should not store flammable substances such as gasoline, oil, or gas indoors. If necessary, keep them in a cool place and away from sources of fire.

Choose Fireproof Partitions: Limit the use of materials such as wood, plastic panels, and foam to make partitions. Instead, use fireproof glass walls. This not only ensures safety but also brings high aesthetic value.

Charging Devices Safely: Avoid charging phones and other power-consuming devices at night to prevent fire situations.

Aptomat Installation: Make sure that your home's general electrical system has an automatic short circuit device (aptomat) installed. This will help prevent the dangers of electrical overload.

Safety for the Worship Area: Arrange the worship area appropriately and make sure that items around the altar are fireproof. Avoid placing many votive papers near this area to limit the risk of catching fire.

Turn Off Electrical Equipment When Leaving Home: Before leaving home, turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment to ensure maximum safety.

What should we do when we detect a fire?

-As soon as you detect a fire or explosion, notify everyone around you. Agility and agility in raising the alarm can save lives. At the same time, please turn off the power source at the place of the fire and explosion incident as well as surrounding areas to ensure everyone's safety.

-Priority is to rescue people who are trapped or in danger first, ensuring that they are moved out of the dangerous area. Immediately contact the authorities to inform them of the situation and request assistance. Help put out fires and save lives. Use fire suppression equipment such as fire extinguishers or fire suppression systems depending on the specific situation.

-Protection of property: During rescue and fire extinguishing, try to limit damage to property by preventing chaotic elements.

Coordinate with the fire department: Think and act together with the fire department to ensure the highest efficiency in extinguishing fires.

-These measures not only increase everyone's knowledge of fire safety but also help optimize the ability to respond to fire and explosion situations. If you detect any fire hazard in your area, report it immediately to the relevant parties.

Instructions for choosing effective fire protection equipment

Choosing fire protection equipment plays an important role in ensuring fire safety at every business establishment. First, it is necessary to clearly determine the type of business and the corresponding level of fire and explosion risk. This helps determine the fire protection equipment that needs to be applied, from warning systems to fire extinguishers.

Next, it is necessary to consider the scale and area of the area that needs to be protected. Fire protection equipment must be suitable for this area to ensure the ability to detect and extinguish fires effectively. If the area is large, using a warning system combined with an automatic fire extinguisher may be a reasonable choice.

In addition, checking the physical and technical facilities is also an important step. Fire protection equipment must be installed and operated correctly, and facilities must meet the equipment's technical requirements.

Below are some product lines that you can easily use in the fire prevention process that EMIN would like to introduce:

SOLO smoke detector test spray bottle SMOKESABRE-01-001 (Smoke generator bottle, 150ml)

SOLO SMOKESABRE-01-001 smoke detector test spray is a reputable brand from the Netherlands. With a capacity of 150ml, the product is designed to enhance the effectiveness of testing smoke detectors. In particular, you can use the spray directly on the smoke detector, helping to activate and detect faster.

SOLO SMOKESABRE-01-001 is not only reliable in quality but also environmentally friendly. The product is designed to contain no harmful residues, and uses eco-responsibility technology that is 100% biodegradable, ozone-friendly, does not contain CFCs and has a low GWP.

Price (excluding VAT):    586,318 VND

Price (including VAT):     644,950 VND

Smoke generator SOLO A5-001 (250ml)a

SOLO A5-001 smoke generator (250ml) is a reliable solution to create smoke for the Solo - 330-001 smoke detector tester. With clean smoke generator and 250ml capacity, only a small amount is enough to test the performance of a conventional smoke detector. This allows you to conduct testing efficiently and economically.

The SOLO A5-001 smoke generator is also designed for use with the Solo 330/332 dispenser and complies with the necessary regulations. The product also has UL certification, ensuring safety and reliability.

With origin from England (UK), SOLO A5-001 carries with it the quality and reliability of British industrial products. Pure white color brings elegance and cleanliness.


Product code: A5-001

Brand: SOLO

Product type: spray bottle

Aerosol volume: 250 ml

Bottle size: Ø70 x 150 mm

Weight: ~0.22kg

The product is carefully packaged in a box measuring 200 x 170 x 150 mm, creating convenient conditions for transportation and storage. SOLO A5-001 is the perfect choice to ensure the safety and performance of your smoke detector.

Price (excluding VAT):    690,525 VND

Price (including VAT):     759,578 VND

SOLO 812-101 Smoke Detector Test and Disassembly Kit (Reach 8.2m)

The SOLO 812-101 Smoke Detector Test and Disassembly Kit (Reach 8.2m) is a comprehensive solution for testing and disassembling smoke detectors. Kit includes:


- 1 SOLO 100 extension pole (4 sections from 1.26m to 4.50m) (access up to 6m including operator)

- 2 SOLO 101 extension poles (length 1.13m)

- 1 SOLO 200 smoke tester disassembly tool (for smoke testers with diameters from 65mm up to 110mm)

- 1 SOLO 330 smoke and CO gas testing equipment (for smoke testing equipment with diameter up to 100mm)

- 1 SOLO 610 carrying bag

Price (excluding VAT):   37,825,996 VND

Price (including VAT):     41,608,596 VND

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Choosing and using fire protection equipment is an important part of ensuring safety and protecting property for all organizations and individuals. EMIN Vietnam, with its strong reputation and extensive experience in this field, brings customers not only high quality products but also trust and peace of mind.

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